Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm back!

It's been forever since I posted anything! I wasn't feeling good last week, and was just Blah. I feel better today, so hopefully I can get some stuff done!

I ordered Mia an ADORABLE dress on Etsy, and have my eye and a few for Ella, but the wallet will not allow it for a couple weeks. :(

I received my swap from the "winning hand" swap I was in, and just love the little kitty she made me!

Thank goodness all my Easter swaps are done and sent. I've been working on Easter stuff for so long, I'm almost over it and it's not even here yet, lol! Here are the pics of what I sent:

Not sure what I am going to get into today. I think I might work on some Christmas stuff, LOL!!! I will post pics tomorrow if I get anything done today. Have a great day!

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