Friday, March 6, 2009

Easter boxes...

I just finished and added these cute boxes to my Etsy store! I had originally made them for my swap partner, but really loved how they turned out so I made some for me and some to put in my store! What do you think???

I finished my egg I have been working on and am very happy with the result:

And I found a spot to put all my glittered Easter eggs. I decided against making a garland, I tried stringing the eggs, but couldn't get the wire through.

Hubby got me a Polarizing filter and a new lens for my camera last night and I am beside myself!!!!!!! Thanks hubby!

We went to Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus last night and let me tell you it sure has changed since I was a kid! Not quiet sure I liked it. There were lots and lots of girls with barely any clothes on dancing around too provocatively, I think I counted 5 clowns, and everything there was way too expensive! Cotton candy was TEN DOLLARS!!!!!! Can you imagine??? Of course Ella did not understand that we were not going to pay that much and cried for 20 minutes. The girls enjoyed themselves, and it was a long show (2 hours) but it didn't seem like the circus, more of a long choreographed show. Oh well. Nothing is like it used to be. Not sure what I am getting into this weekend, but if I get anything done I will post! TGIF!

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