Saturday, March 14, 2009

Shabby Crown!!!!!!

I am SOOOOOOO excited about what I made! I worked all day and well into the night, with glitter from head to toe, (and all over the house!) and finished the birthday crown! I just added them to my Etsy store! The girls have demanded one for their birthdays! So I hope that is a good sign. Lot's of glitter and crepe paper, perfect for a birthday! I think I may make one in pink and blue next. What do you think???? I would love some feedback!

If you remember a couple posts back, I bought a paper doll book at an antique store. I decided to alter her dress a bit, and she is soooo cute! Not sure what I will do with her, but there she is, lol.

Have a great weekend!


Diane said...

I think it turned out just perfect, beautiful shade of PINK and lot's of glitter! I give it a 10
Hugs, Diane

zoe said...

So darling birthday crown!