Monday, March 2, 2009

Lots of goodies!

I had the ENTIRE weekend to myself! Hubby dropped the kids off at my mom's house on Friday night and drove to Connecticut, and didn't come back till Sunday! I got so much done! I have not had the house to myself or slept in my bed BY MYSELF for 8 years! I only wish I had not picked up Saturday so I could have had the whole day. Oh well. I had a great time none the less. I got Chinese on Friday night, watched some TV, and did lots of crafts. I couldn't take pics cause hubby had my camera. :(

I found a cute pattern to make felt flowers and finished the felt headband I had started working on a while back. I love how it turned out!

I liked the way the flower turned out so much, I went a little crazy! I made a bunch of fabric flowers, and some paper ones. Not sure what I will do with them yet, maybe make them into pins??

I made a Easter cone for the vintage Easter swap I am in and a cute little Basket.

I used the pattern for the felt birds I make on paper and used lots of glitter to make 2 cute tags. Or maybe ornaments??

Finally finished the blue glitter Easter eggs for the garland I want to make:

I found the nests I bought a while back at TJ Maxx that I couldn't find. I just LOVE robin's eggs. They are so cute and delicate!

I stopped at an antique store yesterday and found some cute goodies! I found a bank book from 1949 for $3.50! I saw lots of old pics next to the postcards I got, and every time I saw one I wanted to know more about that person. They seemed so unhappy. It made me sad. :( I found a paper doll book, not sure what I will do with it yet, but I had to have it, lol.

Just wanted to share a couple pics hubby took while they were in New York. He HAD to have Starbucks, and ended up with a parking ticket! I told him that was the most expensive parking in New York! He snapped some pics of the new building they are putting up at the World Trade Center. It gave me chills.

Thank for looking and not sure how much I will get done today, House and Medium are on tinight! ;) Have a great day!


Beth said...

I Love all the artsy things that you do. I was looking for felt birds on google and it brought me to your blog. You are very talented!
Stop by mine when you can!


zoebabie said...

Hi Angela, sometimes we just need to be alone in the house:) and you deserved it! Nice headband and i love the lovely fabric flowers so much.


poketypatch said...

Wow you were really busy. It is amazing how productive one can be without little ones (and big ones!) around.