Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lots of new stuff

It's been a while since I posted! Sorry, it's been a busy couple of days! I recieved my goodies from the "my favorite things" swap I was in, and just love everything! I LOVE Sephora, but do not get to shop there very often. Thank you Julie!

Her blog is:

I sent out my goodies for "The winning hand" swap I was in, and boy was that hard! Trying to find things in the 4 suits was very difficult.

I added some more goodies to my Etsy store!

I cannot get enough of those cute boxes!

I made a cute skirt (modified a bit) from a free pattern from Oliver + S blog, and it was ment for Ella, but after it was done and I put it on her, it was just way to big, so now Big sis Mia gets it! I made a matching headband to go with it. Do you think I have a problem with headbands??? LOL! I think my count on headbands now is 9! The girls are tired of trying them on.

I snapped a couple of pics of Ella yesterday, it was unusually hot, so it was a great day to go outside. Ella wanted to wear her flip flops, and kept walking out of them, lol. She needs to get her summer feet!

Have a good day!

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wearingmascara said...

YAY! I'm so happy you liked everything :-) I will post about your package soon!