Friday, April 3, 2009

Thrift store finds!!!!

Oh, I cannot believe my good luck today!!!!!! I stopped by a couple of thrift stores, and found the best treasures! I found a Vintage Hershey Kiss box, and just fell in love with the colors. TWO DOALLARS!!!!!!! OMG, I almost screamed, lol!

And I found some vintage magazines from 1903 and 1929! There was a stack of about
15, but with a price tag of 13.00 per magazine, the wallet would only allow for 2. I may have to stop back tomorrow for just one more...

I finished another layout last night:

Have a great weekend!!!!


Diane said...

Great finds I love old magazines, very nice chocolate box!
Hugs, Diane

LindaSonia said...

Oh my goodness - that pink candy box is faboo - lucky you!! LindaSonia