Friday, February 20, 2009

New goodies and swap stuff

Today started out really good, i was excited to get my hair cut. It's been a couple months and I was ready for something new. So I told her I wanted something funky, and she could do whatever she wanted. Well, don't ever say that to your hairdresser!!! I Really really do not like my hair, and feel like crying. Poor hubby keeps assuring me it will grow out, but my hair grows at a snails pace, so I will have to walk around with this for months. Sniff sniff. Sigh. It put me in a bad mood. Oh well. Moving on, I finished up a couple of swap things:

A cute little box for my swap partner:

And I am in a swap where the theme is The Four Suits ( as in playing cards) which is proving to be very difficult. I made her a matchbox:

I went to Hobby Lobby and used my 40% off coupon to buy this ADORABLE pink pipe cleaner tree! Perfect for Easter, but also for Christmas! I am so excited!

And I used my 40% off coupon at Michael's to get this cute Martha Stewart Bunny punch I have had my eye on. I LOVE sales, lol!

Not sure what I am going to get into tonight, I think I might pop in Sense and Sensibility and have a good cry. :( Have a great night!

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Diane said...

Oh I hate when that happens and yes that hair experience has happened more then once to me... I do understand your pain. I received your invite over at flicker and have followed the bread crumbs to here. Darling, and now you are going to be added to my list of favs. and I will be following you.......
Hugs, Diane