Saturday, February 21, 2009

A good cry never hurt anyone...

So as I said last night, I do not like my hair. Add to that the girls would not stop fighting, and snapping at hubby which made him angry, I literally sat in the middle of the floor and had a SOBBING cry for about 10 minutes. And let me tell you, it felt so good!!!!! I woke up this AM feeling so much better!

I was very productive today. I finished the pink eggs, (I blew out all the yoke, painted it pink, then added glitter) and started some Robin's Egg blue ones which I plan on making into an egg garland.

I made the girls a cute tooth pillow (even though poor Mia has lost most of her teeth, she has a loose one now and Ella has not lost one yet, so it should get some use) which I had had to make 2 times. The first one didn't turn out right, the glue was not sticking, so in the end I scrapped it and sewed the pocket on. You can find the pattern here:

And I just finished a little change purse to put inside the one I just made, but I realized I do not have any snaps. Sigh, lol. Every time I go to finish something, I have to run to the store because I forgot something. I really need to start making list's.

I was looking forward to having the entire day to get things done, but hubby's friend just called and asked us to bring the kiddo's for a WII tournament, lol. I guess there will be 2 WII systems, lots of kids and milkshakes. FUN! Have a great weekend!

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shelia said...

love the pink eggs what a clever idea! a little glitter is ALWAYS a good thing :)